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Library Marketing UX  / Usability Prof. Identity/Status CUNY/CSI 
ACRL Marketing @ your library Designing better libraries  Scott Walter's free journal article :  Librarians as Teachers CSI
ACRL Advocacy Toolkit Influx  Mosaic; Librarians as teachers CUNY
MLS Newsletter Usability Professionals Assoc.   Mark Aaron Polger and Karen Okamoto's free journal article: Academic Librarians as Teachers OLS
How to write a marketing plan  Hoggan's journal article: Faculty status of Academic Librarians (not free)  CUNY Databases
Marketing: Making a Case for Your Library Interaction Design Assoc. Status of Academic Librarians in the U.S. CUNY Portal 
Marketing @ Libsuccess Fable of the User Centred Designer (free e-book) ACRL statement on faculty status of academic librarians LACUNY
Library marketing blog Plain Language (I'm fond of this)  Chronicle article on tenure for academic librarians (not free)   PSC-CUNY 
The "M" word blog Brian Mathews's The Ubiquitous Librarian  Academic librarians and faculty status (Jan 2002)- not free Research Foundation- CUNY
Marketing Resources for Academic Libraries UsableLibrary Credit-bearing library instruction journal article 
(not free)
Resources for Marketing Libraries UX Matters Short report on credit-bearing information literacy courses ALA/ ACRL
Free journal article on Marketing Academic Libraries in the U.S.A. (2006) 10 Best UX Design Blogs Chronicle article about Academic Librarians and status (not free) NYLA
Sample library marketing plans ( 1) ( 2) ( 3)   UX Research in Australia Academic librarians as faculty: Why?  METRO 
NYC Canadiana Cycling/Running Veg*n
Official web site Official government page NYRR Happy Cow 
HopStop Montreal (where I grew up) Frontrunners  Vegan NYC guide 
Staten Island Ferry Toronto (my other home) Bike New York  Vegetarian NYC guide
NYC tourism Official Canada Tourism page  NYC bike maps Vegan Drinks
NYC theatre Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms NYC Bike Maps (2nd site)   Supervegan 
Playbill Structure of Canadian gov't NYC Cycling Club  Vegan Outreach
MTA Library and Archives Canada NYC Running Tours Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Colleges /Universities in New York State Governor General of Canada ING NYC Marathon Vegan Action
New York State Prime Minister of Canada Super Runners Shop VegSource
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