The Audio-Aligned Part

This page is in progress.

The Audio Part will consist of two sets of files, to be opened together in Praat:

  • .wav files of the interviews
  • time-aligned transcripts (Praat “TextGrids”), to go along with the .wav files

We will also include ELAN versions of the files.

The advantages of the ELAN versions are:

  • (i) ELAN files represent a ready-made pairing of the time-aligned transcript and .wav file;
  • (ii) ELAN files allow for global searches throughout the entire body of files (a disadvantage of Praat is that one cannot do global searches throughout the entire body of files representing the corpus. But we’re working on making this possible).
The disadvantage of ELAN files is that they do not provide a nice sound spectrogram of the speech signal, the way that Praat does.


ULTIMATE GOAL FOR AAPCAppE: to have an ELAN or Praat-like program available as a web-interface, so that users can access the corpus directly online (obviating the need for file download). Look for updates around November 2017, which is the projected publication date for the AAPCAppE.