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The Art Gallery is supported in part by the College of Staten Island Discovery Institute
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Prof. Nanette Salomon, Curator:
Craig Manister, Director:

2002-2003 Season

April 30 through May 30, 2003

Selections by the Faculty of the
Department of Media Culture
"CSI's brand new media showcase"
by Michael Fressola, SI Advance, May 23, 2003

Top Row: Dave Gearey ~ Sherry Millner
Bottom Row: Valerie Tevere ~ Jason Simon

Who expects to find an art video that is fun to watch, provocative, stylish and actually leaves you wishing it were longer? In an academic context? There is such a thing. It is called "Some Notes on Ruins," and it is in the end-of-the-year exhibit by the Media Culture faculty of the College of Staten Island. . .

"Lightplay," a glamorously platinum-toned video shot in the jogging lanes of Central Park by Dave Gearey, has an out-of-sync, toned-down soundtrack. The video is concerned with pattern, shadow and light. Jogging may lack allure, but "Lightplay" makes it look like heaven. . .

Elsewhere on the walls, visitors will find Jason Simon's large framed C-print composites , all titled "Ebay," of auction items presented without caption or comment as if their significance and value were equally distributed throughout and self-evident. . .

For the digitally interactive, Valerie Tevere has made "A Preliminary Guide to Public and Private Space in Amsterdam," a survey she characterizes as a "psycho-geographic work."

(text from Michael Fressola, SI Advance, May 23, 2003

March 12 through April 9, 2003

Hiteemlkiliiksix: Within the Circle of the Rim

"Hiteemlkiliiksix, as the show is titled, is the abundant result of an unusual exchange organized about 18 months ago at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Evergreen invited nearby indigenous artists and their Hawaiian and Maori counterparts on the Pacific Rim to an extended knowledge-swapping, on-campus residency." [Michael Fressola, SI Advance, March 8, 2003]

November 13 through December 18, 2002

Designing Women; American Femininity and the Poster Arts of the 1890s

"Curator and CSI Art History Professor Nanette Salomon did some detective work for this show, which was inspired by the arrival on campus of the poster-like 1900 study "Angel of the Sun" by John La Farge. Itís in the library, newly restored and on longtime loan from the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences." [Michael Fressola, SI Advance, December 1, 2002]

View "The Angel of the Sun" in the CSI Library

October 2 to November 2, 2002

"Wood and After Glow, Watt Then? Some Reflections:
Works by Ralph Martel"

"The following wall sculptures are related to an exterior frame and range in size from one foot square to four or five feet in length with a projection maximum of about one foot. There are many types of wood used ranging from scraps rescued from firewood log piles to elegant mahogany, teak or walnut. Some of the pieces are left with the bark with rough and polished surfaces and others are planned wood that is then rolled and shaped into complex curved surfaces. All the works reflect a geometrical structure, either configurations that enhance the defining frame or a development from the Pythagorean section or Fibbonacci's Series. Like the trees that provide the material the sculptures play with the empty space as well as the occupied areas."
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