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Prof. Nanette Salomon, Curator:
Craig Manister, Director:

2003-2004 Season

April 21 to May 21, 2004

Reproducing Michelangelo:
Early Modern Prints

From the
Metropolitan Museum of Art Print Collection
and the
New York Public Library Print Collection

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 21, 5-7pm

March 3 to March 31, 2004

Contents, Songbooks and other Paintings

Wednesday, March 3, from 5 - 7 pm

Small Stitched Songbook, 2001, oil on linen 24 x 20

October 29 to December 10, 2003

John Sloan's City Gals

A Print Selection from the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences

The College of Staten Island and the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences continue their collaboration with an exhibition of the works of John Sloan, a noted early 20th century American artist. Sloan made his most important contribution to the history of American visual culture in his prints, and again in his prints of women. His influence can be tracked in the graphic art of his students, his friends and in those who worked in the following generations. In showing a sampling of his prints with those of his second wife and student Helen Farr Sloan, his student Don Freeman, his friend Cecil Bell, Isabel Bishop, Lucille Haynes, Kay Goldsmith and a spectacular drawing by Reginald Marsh, this exhibition serves as a beginning in the exposition of Sloan's tremendous influence. This exhibition is curated by Nanette Salomon, Professor of Art History, College of Staten Island.
(image and text from the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences)

September 17 to October 18, 2003

Randy Williams - Mixed Media

"Navigating 2 United States of the Americas: Art Ideas and Books"

"The book constructions were the first steps away from painting. In most cases they are flat and are placed on the walls in a conventional manner. The book constructs are concerned with the immutable concepts of art as a language. At this time I was trying to create an art form that could be read. In these works the books, which we cannot read, act as a metaphor for a verbal language. The wood, rope, paint and other materials exist as a syntax, or phrase in the artwork as a language system. The work also uses books as a device for building a relationship between viewers that are not familiar with contemporary art."
(image and text from

View an exhibition of Randy Williams' books in the CSI Library

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