Department of Media Culture Mission Statement

The Department of Media Culture is committed to providing students with a critical understanding of film, media, and communications. We integrate studies in history, theory, and criticism with practical experiences in production technique and creativity as well as external field experience, allowing our undergraduate majors to specialize in cinema studies or production, media studies, corporate communications, journalism, or design and digital media. We are also committed to introducing general education students to the rigors of studying film and media as we believe this knowledge is crucial to a comprehensive and multidisciplinary liberal arts education.

In our Masters Program in Cinema and Media Studies students undertake a challenging two-year curriculum that spans core knowledge in media history, theory, criticism, and production with the aim of ushering cinema and media studies into a new era of global intellectual and innovative exchange. We prepare students for careers as administrators, writers, researchers, journalists, editors, curators, designers, and producers in the media-related fields in New York City and beyond. We also prepare students for PhD programs in cinema and communications, as well as other related disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

The 2016 Tournées Film Festival at CSI (Oct. 13th - Nov. 17th)

Thursdays 2:30 - 4:20, free and open to public

>> Click for more info and full schedule of films.

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