Inaugural Graduate Student Conference, 2013

On June 6-7, 2013, students in the M.A. Program in Cinema and Media Studies organized and hosted our inaugural graduate student conference In addition to many of our students, we welcomed participants from a dozen other universities. The conference theme was transmedia storytelling, which the students explained:

Transmedia storytelling, as an object of analysis, has become increasingly relevant due to the increasing use of cross-platform storytelling. While originally defined as looking at the spread of narrative across a variety of media outlets trans-(media) as we envision it can encompass much more. In addition to exploring the traditional definition of transmedia, we wish to explore it more in the sense of media crossing boundaries. Our theme of trans-(media) then includes the following: trans-(national), trans-(itional), trans-(gender), trans-(gressive), trans-(formative), and trans-(media).

Panel on Pedagogical and Social Consequences in International Media

Panel on Morphing Escapism in a Transmedia Age