Sherry Millner

Center for the Arts (1P) room 224E
Telephone: (718) 982-2536

Whether working in Super-8 or 16mm film, video, photomontage, installation, or digital photography, Professor Sherry Millner has been concerned to question and often to subvert the stable and conventional definitions that structure such popular idioms as: the disaster movie, conspiracy theory, the relations between property and theft, criminality, femininity, pregnancy, the nuclear family, autobiography, camouflage, childhood, art, celebrity, violence, war, domesticity, public space, the human genome, anarchy, patriotism, etc. Millner's projects have often been produced as radical interrogations of the dynamics of genre and communicative systems, while overturning remaining distinctions between public and private. Her work has been exhibited at many film and video festivals throughout the U.S. Europe, Australia, and Japan, at major museum exhibitions, including two Whitney Biennials, in addition to art galleries. Her photomontages and photo-text pieces have been published in many journals including Heresies, The Independent, Social Text, and Public Culture. Her work is featured in Space, Site, and Intervention: Issues in Installation and Site-Specific Art (U. of Minnesota Press). in Digital Desires (Tauris Press, London), and in Re-Framings: New Feminist Photography (Temple University Press). In addition to many festival awards for her films and videos, she has been the recipient of grants, residencies,and grants from NYFA, NYSCA, the Jerome Foundation, Long Beach Museum, the Ucross Foundation, etc.