Ksenia Adamovitch

Ksenia Adamovitch (MA, 2009) is a documentary producer, writer, and director based in Moscow. After graduation, she became director of the annual Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York City.

Michael Bongiorno

Michael Bongiorno (BA , Cinema Studies, 2007; MA, 2012) was a co-recipient of George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies; his thesis was "Cracking the Cinematic Mirror: Reexamining the Avant-Garde Films of David Cronenberg."" In April 2012, he participated in the conference "Monsters: Subject, Object, Abject" at the University of Manchester, UK, and in April 2013, he curated four special events on movement in cinema for the Council for the Arts & Humanities for Staten Island.

Mike Caravella

Mike Caravella (BA , Cinema Studies, 2008; MA, 2012) has worked in the film industry on various independent films and video/TV productions. In 2013 his short film Rivered Me..., shot during his time in the graduate program, was screened at Anthology Film Archives' New Filmmakers Winter Series. He is pursuing a career in filmmaking while stage-managing The Huffington Post’s live online news show HuffPost Live.

Hye Seung Chung

Hye Seung Chung, is Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies at Colorado State University. She earned a PhD from UCLA, and is the author of Hollywood Asian: Philip Ahn and the Politics of Cross-Ethnic Performance (Temple University Press, 2006) and Kim Ki-duk (University of Illinois Press, 2012). Her writing has appeared in Asian Cinema, Cinema Journal, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Journal of Popular Film and Television, Journal of Film and Video, and Post Script.

Martha Diaz

Martha Diaz (MA, 2013) was co-recipient of the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies; her thesis was "David Lynch's Cinema of Re-Enchantment." While still in the master's program, she presented papers at the annual graduate student conference at the Department of Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University in 2011, the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association conference, and CSI's first graduate student conference in Cinema and Media Studies in 2013. After graduation, she was chosen for a position in the Teaching Assistant Program in France, to teach English at the secondary level.

David Scott Diffrient

David Scott Diffrient (MA, 1999) is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Colorado State University. He earned a PhD from UCLA, and has published articles in Cinema Journal, Film & History, Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, Journal of Popular Film and Television, Post Script, and other journals. His is author of M*A*S*H: TV Milestones (Wayne State University Press, 2008), and co-editor of Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls (Syracuse University Press, 2010).

Stamos Dimitropoulos

Stamos Dimitropoulos (MA, 2012) has interned for the Academy Award-winning documentary production company of director Alex Gibney, Jigsaw Productions. After the completion of his studies in New York he returned to Athens, Greece, where he participated in the 18th Athens International Film Festival with his thesis short film, The Death of a Nation. He currently works as a freelance editor.

Seth Friedman

Seth Friedman (MA, 2004) is Assistant Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Communication and Theatre at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. He earned his PhD in Communication and Culture from Indiana University in 2009. Essays derived from the work he began at CSI have been published in The Journal of Film and Video and Quarterly Review of Film and Video.

Antonio Golàn

Antonio Golàn (BA, Cinema Studies, 2004; MA, 2008) is currently a PhD candidate at Indiana University, where he is studying rhetoric and public culture. His work focuses on the public memory of the Spanish Civil War and Franco dictatorship within Galician political culture; he is also interested in how public memory in the U.S. shapes popular perceptions of capitalism. He received the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies in 2007.

Omar Hammad

Omar Hammad (MA, 2009) has taught Communications classes at CSI, Marymount Manhattan College, St. Johns University and St. Paul's School of Nursing. He was named as the first Coordinator of TransferNation, a program that debuted in fall 2012 at Brooklyn College, to help transfer students ease into the college. In 2013, he was employed by the CUNY Start Program at the College of Staten Island, which prepares high school and GED graduates for college-level reading, writing, and mathematics.

Zeynep Kocer

Zeynep Kocer (MA 2005) wrote her MA thesis on femininity in Turkish internal migration films. She earned her PhD in Visual and Cultural Studies from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, in 2012, with a dissertation on the construction of masculinities in the star image of Yılmaz Güney, the acclaimed director, writer and actor. She authored a chapter in Cinema and Politics: Turkish Cinema and the New Europe (Cambridge Scholars, 2009), and co-authored an article in the European Journal of Cultural Studies (2012). In Fall 2013, she begins a fulltime position as Assistant Dr. at Istanbul Kultur University.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar(MA, 2006) entered the doctoral program in Cinema and Media studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. His publications include "The Lower Stall: The Sleaze-Sex Film Industry in India," in Spectator (Fall 2006). He is also actively engaged in filmmaking, as a founder of 69 Productions, a group of independent and freelance media makers; and as writer, director and producer of the feature Blemished Light, which was awarded the First Prize for Faculty Screenwriting Award in 2009 by the University Film and Video Association. He was co-recipient of the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies.

Sarah Kuntoh

Sarah Kuntoh (MA, 2004) won a Fulbright scholarship to study at the College of Staten Island. Her thesis was titled Race Representation in Cinema: The Western and African Perspectives. After graduation, she returned to Ghana to teach at the National Film and Television Institute, where she is Head of the BFA program in Editing.

Sally Milner

Sally Milner (MA, 2007) was co-recipient of the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies. Following graduation, she worked as an assistant in the CSI Library Archives and an adjunct in the Department of Media Culture. In 2010 she registered as a PhD candidate in the Department of Media Film and Communication at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. The working title for her research project is "Changing Empire(s) and the Cinematic Maternal Body: Melodrama and Postwar European Cinema." While working on her doctorate, Sally has worked as a tutor, lecturer, research assistant, and copyeditor.

Richard Minaya

Richard Minaya (MA, 2012) has presented parts of his master's thesis, "At the Margins of Society with Tomá s Gutiérrez Alea: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Cuban Cinema," at three conferences: the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association, the Southwest Texas Popular Culture & American Culture Association, and CSI's first graduate student conference in Cinema and Media Studies. After earning his master's degree, Richard worked as a Research Assistant for Columbia University's Urban Field Research Study on Housing Dynamics. He entered the doctoral program in Screen Cultures at the University of Michigan in Fall 2013.

Usman Shaukat

Usman Shaukat (MA, 2009) received the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies in 2007. He entered the doctoral program in Communications Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also teaches film production classes. He directed and produced a short film (The Caterpillar, 2012), which deals with the controversial anti-gay marriage amendment to the North Carolina constitution. His essay "Sufi Homoerotic Poetry and its Heterosexualization in Pakistan" was published in Media Authorship, edited by David Gerstner and Cynthia Chris (Routledge, 2012).

Norie Taniguchi

(BA, Cinema Studies; MA 2008 ) received the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies. Her 2008 film Women Without Voices screened as part of the International Film School at the 2008 San Sebastian International Film Festival, in San Sebastian, Spain. Taniguchi entered the PhD program at Waseda University, in Tokyo, to continue her research on benshi and "silent" cinema in Japan.