Labs and Facilities

All inquiries about the labs can be directed to: csimedialab /at/ gmail.com

1P-122 - Film/Video Lab

This lab is the center of all Cinema production classes as well as TV and radio production and is comprised of the following areas


The Cage

Provides full-service equipment rental for production students offering HD and SD video, 16mm film cameras as well as digital still cameras, lighting kits, audio recorders, microphones, tripods, dollies, assorted grip, cabling, accessories and expendables.

HD camera formats include Panasonic P2, AVCHD & HDV. DV Camera models include Panasonic DVX-100A, Canon XL1-S, Sony PD-170, VX-2100, Panasonic DV-20 & Canon GL2's. 16mm Cameras include Bolex prime and zoom kits, Arri BL and CP-16 kits.


Edit Suites

6 dedicated edit suites run Final Cut Pro Studio on the Macintosh OSX platform. In addition we have Avid Media Composer and Pro-Tools workstations. Editing suites are equipped with HD capable LED monitors, HDV/DV decks, DVD & Blu-Ray burners and HD/NTSC monitors. Additional software includes Toast, Magic Bullet Suite and iStop animation. For 16mm film editing there are 3 Steenbeck flatbeds and an Elmo 16mm telecine.

Edit Suite 1, HD ready

Edit Suite 4 with a CIN 111 student at work

16 mm film editing

16mm film editing tables w/rewinds, split reels, viewers and bins. A mag dubber is off camera to the left.

16 mm film editing

8-plate Steenbeck for 16mm editing.


The Studios

Our hybrid Digital/Analog TV studio Control Room

A fully integrated control room is at the heart of 2 studio spaces (37' x 25' &  19' x 19') which are used for TV production or as soundstages. The studios are fully soundproofed, have chroma key and black cycs, a 3D chroma key set and full lighting grids with a variety of fresnel and quartz instruments. The control room is hybrid SD analog/digital and fully expandable for future HD capability.

The Audio Room

audio room

Radio production students use industry-standard equipment to develop their skills utilizing 2 dedicated Pro-Tools stations for digital mixing, an Audio Arts radio console, Audacity and GarageBand with Midi Keyboard and a variety of AKG studio mics. 16mm students can transfer from any of the above to a Magnasync mag dubbing machine.

audio room


1P-231 – Design and Digital Media Lab

mac lab

This lab is used for Communications production classes that focus on print and web based graphic design, typography, digital photography, animation and online journalism. Current software includes the Adobe Creative Suite with DreamWeaver and Flash applications and QuarkXpress. All software is taught on iMac Intel Core-duo workstations running on the OSX platform. An additional 2 iMacs are equipped as scanning stations with Epson flatbed scanners. For printing we have networked B/W HP 4200's, Color HP 4600, a Xerox 7700 Phaser and an Epson StylusPro7880 for portfolio or exhibition work.

1P-228A – Multimedia Lab Classroom.

An extension of the 223 lab, the 228A lab/classroom is designed for use by advanced Media Culture production students. All workstations have iMacs with Intel Core Duo processing. Several of the workstations have dedicated external monitors and DV decks, a firewire router enables all stations to access DV media.  In addition to the software utilized in the 231 lab these stations are also equipped with Final Cut Pro Studio and Adobe AfterEffects.

1P-223 - Screening Room

Cinema theory and history classes utilize a 75-seat screening room which is equipped with an Eiki 16mm projector, Panasonic DLP 5600 Digital Projector, a THX Surround Encoder and a JBL Professional Surround speaker system.