Christopher Bitetto

Christopher Bitetto (BS, Media Studies, 2013) was co-valedictorian of his graduating class. While at CSI, he interned at Sirius XM Radio, and held the position of Sports Director at the student-run campus radio station, WSIA. He presented his undergraduate thesis, "Moneyball: The New Formula to America's Pastime," at the Undergraduate Conference on Research, Scholarship and Performance.

Michael Bongiorno

Michael Bongiorno (BA , Cinema Studies, 2007; MA, 2012) was a co-recipient of George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies; his thesis was "Cracking the Cinematic Mirror: Reexamining the Avant-Garde Films of David Cronenberg." In April 2012, he participated in the conference "Monsters: Subject, Object, Abject" at the University of Manchester, UK, and in April 2013, he curated four special events on movement in cinema for the Council for the Arts & Humanities for Staten Island.

Mike Caravella

Mike Caravella (BA , Cinema Studies, 2008; MA, 2012) has worked in the film industry on various independent films and video/TV productions. In 2013 his short film Rivered Me..., shot during his time in the graduate program, was screened at Anthology Film Archives' New Filmmakers Winter Series. He is pursuing a career in filmmaking while stage-managing The Huffington Post’s live online news show HuffPost Live.

Dan Colonna

Dan Colonna currently works for Rodale Inc. as a web developer on the redesign for He also runs and contribute articles to a political/technology discussion-based blog at

Casey Cooper

I graduated from the College Of Staten Island, June 06 from the Department of Media Culture. I received my degree, BA of Arts, shortly there after. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, not only because of my peers, but its the intricacy of my courses that maintained my focus. Among them were various Film Production classes, Film Theory, 3rd World Cinema, Italian Cinema, and my favorite, America Directors I & II. The aspect of Film I am interested in the most is writing which I am pursuing here in Los Angeles. Shortly after graduation I decided to aggressively pursue my career out here in Hollywood along with many other hopefuls. It's an amazing industry, tough but not impossible, to be a part of. Although I haven't sold anything in the short time I've been here I've just come off working as a Production Assistant in this past season of America's Next Top Model. I was able to meet so many amazing people in my field and it provided numerous connections and possibilities down the line. I was able to be a part of something, while not groundbreaking, brings me another step closer to my goal. These are the kinds of things that make you driven and proud, Don't ever give up!

Michele Cynowicz

Michele Cynowicz is currently working as a Front End Web Developer for Marvel Entertainment ( She also consults for web development and print media projects for small businesses under the name FanBrush Media, LLC, providse design for the web and for print as well as web hosting services for a variety of projects including static websites and e-commerce. Her current portfolio is here:

Renée Lynette Ferrara

Renée Lynette Ferrara (BA, 2011) is the proud recipient of a Drama Desk Award, and has stage-managed off-Broadway shows including Platanos and Collard Greens and Fuhgeddaboutit!

Antonio Golàn

Antonio Golàn (BA, Cinema Studies, 2004; MA, 2008) is currently a PhD candidate at Indiana University, where he is studying rhetoric and public culture. His work focuses on the public memory of the Spanish Civil War and Franco dictatorship within Galician political culture; he is also interested in how public memory in the U.S. shapes popular perceptions of capitalism. He received the George Custen Award for Excellence in Cinema Studies in 2007.

Jayme LaBrocca

After interning for course credit at CBS Radio, Jayme LaBrocca moved up the ranks to become Assistant Production Director at 923 Now. She now produces Nick Cannon's Top 20 (Urban) and Top 30 (Mainstream) Countdowns, which are syndicated globally.

Joyce Lau

Joyce Lau co-produced two short films, Trek 183 and Waiting for Her, which screened at the Coney Island Film Festival, Words, Beat & Life Hip Hop Film Festival, Staten Island Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo, HBO Presents The New York Latino International Film Festival, and LA Shorts Fest. She also teaches as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College and completed a second master's degree, in Mental Health Counseling, at Queens College. She is currently in preproduction on a short film entitled Long Roads.

Djordjije Lekovic

George Lekovic (BA, 2004, Magna Cum Laude + Elliot Rubenstein Memorial Award for Academic excellence) has produced several feature films, including Here and There (2009) starring David Thornton, Cyndi Lauper and Jelena Mrdja. Djordjije Lekovic graduated from the College of Staten Island in 2004 with high honors.

Qimei Luo

Qimei Luo (BS, 2011) is the New York reporter for Sina Finance.

Mike Maslankowski

In 2009, Stephen Barnett (current) and Mike Maslankowski (BA, 2011) presented original work at the Third Annual Midwest Undergraduate Film Studies Conference at Notre Dame University.

David Maltz

Since graduating from CSI with a BS in Communications, I have moved on to Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts to study Print and Multimedia Journalism. Many of the Communications classes I took at CSI helped prepare me for the coursework I am doing now. COM 277 –Intro to Journalism and COM 450 – Senior Seminar, directly tie in to the work I am doing in my first semester of graduate school. The numerous design courses I took at CSI also help me now with our projects.

Carlo Montagnino

Carlo Montagnino (BS, 2008) is a web technology consultant and co-owner of the award-winning web design firm NBTechnologies. He is also Co-founder and Executive Producer for his Dog and Pony Show Media Group ( In his spare time he develops web applications that exploit the concepts of social networking sites. In Fall 2009 he will be in residency at the Banff New Media Institute to develop a project. You can find out the intimate details of his life on his twitter ( and his blog (

Evan Moran

Evan Moran has worked for Subsidiary Design, spent 3 years at Morgan Stanley, as a web designer through R.R. Donelly. He is currently freelancing, and working on personal projects:, a movie about the history of human freaks, and, a venue for spoken word. More at

Michael Sgalambro

During his last semester in Spring 2006, Michael Sgalambro worked as a production assistant on NBC's short-lived television program, Conviction. My main work was in the production office which is the heart of making a television program. Though the show was canceled he met some terrific people, and is now a Production Assistant for NBC's comedy, 30 Rock. He is working with the same group of people he met on his internship.

Stephen M Volpe

Steven M. Volpe (BS, 2010) was appointed social media associate at the Alzheimer's Association following an internship completed for course credit. His role in developing the nonprofit's social media presence is profiled in The New York Times.

Steve Waldow

Film Matters Magazine (V. 1, no. 3, July 2010) published an article by Steve Waldow (BA, 2010) on women in the films of early cinema pioneer Georges Melies.

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie completed her B.A. in Cinema Studies in January of 2006. She has been working as a freelance media planner for Nicktoons Network. This freelance work grew out of her two internships she did: a programming/acquisitions internship for Nicktoons Network and a production internship for MTV2's High School Stories: Scandals, Pranks and Controversies.

Liza Zusman

Liza Zusman (BA, Cinema Studies, 2012) works in New York City as an assistant at Kipperman Management, which is involved in talent management, as well as feature film and television production. Previously, she was an assistant at the bi-coastal talent agencies International Creative Management Partners and Don Buchwald & Associates, and completed internships with Pressman Film and Maven Pictures, where Liza worked on the set of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini's feature film Girl Most Likely.