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Women in the West

This section of WestWeb provides information about Women in the West. Under Texts you will find examples of primary texts, such as women's diaries and literary works, or secondary texts, such as critical essays or historical studies. Under Resources, you will find biographies of Western women as well as other resources, such as bibliographies and teaching and study materials. Under Links to Other Sites, you will find a collection of links to sites dealing with various issues in women's history, such as women's art and health. Finally, under Images, you will find both general collections which include some images of Western women's history and direct links to pictures available online.

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Women's Texts

Primary Texts Secondary Texts

Primary Texts

Life History Manuscripts From the Folklore Project, WPA Federal Writer's Project.
Mary Austin:
The Pot of Gold || The Walking Woman || Spring o' the Year || The Hoodoo of the Minnietta || The Wooing of the Señorita || The Little Coyote || The Return of Mr. Wills || The Land of Little Rain || The White Hour || Frustrate || A Pipe Of Oaten Straw || "The Gods of the Saxon" || The Basket Maker || Medicine Songs || The Song-Makers || The Little Town of the Grape Vines || Medicine Song: To Be Sung in Time of Evil Fortune || Inyo || Jimville: A Bret Harte Town || A Shepherd of the Sierras || The Last Antelope || The Search for Jean Baptiste || The Song of the Hills: Being the Song of a Man and a Woman Who Might Have Loved || Mahala Joe || The Conversion of Ah Lew Sing || Agua Dulce || The Mother of Felipe || The Song of the Friend || The Woman at Eighteen-Mile
Amelia E. Barr, Remember the Alamo
Martha Cannary Burke, The Autobiography of Calamity Jane.
Willa Cather (1873-1947):
Alexander's Bridge || My Ántonia || The Professor's House || Youth and the Bright Medusa.
The Letters of Julia Louisa Lovejoy (1856-58).
Amy Lowell, Songs of the Pueblo Indians.
Catherine Sager, Across the Plains in 1844.
Leslie Marmon Silko:
"Fences Against Freedom" and "In the Combat Zone," from Hungry Mind Review.
Elinore Pruitt Stewart (1878-1933), Letters of a Woman Homesteader.
Journals of Narcissa Whitman (1836).
Luzena Stanley Wilson, Memoirs of the Gold Rush.
Zitkala-Sa [aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin] (1876-1938):
Old Indian Legends || Impressions of an Indian Childhood || An Indian Teacher Among Indians || The School Days of an Indian Girl || Why I Am a Pagan || The Soft-Hearted Sioux || The Trial Path

Secondary Texts

Nettie Garmer Barker, Kansas Women in Literature
Christine Dominguez, Daughters of Aztlan: A Socio-Historical Survey of Chicanas in the United States.
Catherland, created by The Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation, focuses on Willa Cather's writing.

Western Women's History Resources

Teaching Resources Study Resources Bibliographical Resources Biographies of Western Women

Teaching Resources

U.S. West Since 1848, Dorothee Kocks, University of Utah.
This course focuses on the experiences of a Utah family, beginning with Diana Jeanne Chew Lane and branching out into her family.
Western Women's History, Catherine Lavender, College of Staten Island of CUNY.
This course focuses on reading a multicultural history of women in the American West, drawing on a mixture of secondary readings and women's autobiographical writings.
Willa Cather's My Antonia, Adele Birnbaum, Willamette University.
This is a literary criticism course focusing on Willa Cather and her works.
Some Online Materials for Western Women's History, Catherine Lavender, College of Staten Island of CUNY.
A collection of resources--images and discussion questions--on Western women's history themes.

Study Resources

Carnegie Mellon's feminism site.
Feminism and Women's Resources.
Women's Studies Resources
Feminist/Women's Studies Resources on WWW

Bibliographical Resources

Bibliography about Gender in the West.
National Library of Canada/Bibliothèque nationale du Canada selective bibliography of Canadian Women's History.
Women in Alaska's History

Biographies of Western Women

"White Devil of the Yellowstone," Calamity Jane.
Willa Cather Homepage.
Spy Pauline Cushman.
Pilot Amelia Earhart.
Singer Dale Evans.
Dianne Feinstein, California Anglo politician.
Cowgirl singers, The Girls of the Golden West (Dolly Good and Millie Good.)
Bulldogger Fox Hastings.
Readings by and about Dolores Huerta.
Edna Jaques, Saskatchewan poet and writer.
Cowgirl singer Rose Maddox.
Singer Patsy Montana (Rubye Blevins).
Trick shooter Annie Oakley (Phoebe Mosey).
Nebraska writer Mari Sandoz.
Catherine Schubert, a British Columbia Overlander.
Mary Fielding Smith, Mormon pioneer and mother of Joseph Smith.
Sylvia Stark, an African-American British Columbian pioneer.
Lucille Mulhall, roper and cowgirl.
Images and Biographies of Chicanas/Latinas.
Canadian artist and writer Emily Carr.

Links to Other Sites

General Women's History Links Western Women's History Links

General Women's History Links

The Sexuality and Gender homepage.
Canadian Women's Studies.
Women in Canadian History.
Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky.
Middle Tennessee State University's Women's History Page.
WMST-L's Women's Studies Resources
Bowling Green State University's Women's Studies Department's Feminist/Women's Studies Resources on WWW
Feminist Websites
Feminism and Women's Studies
Une Exposition Herstory An Exhibition
National Library of Canada's Celebrating Women's Achievements in Canadian history includes British Columbian composer Barbara Pentland.

Western Women's History Links

An amazing site which addresses women's artistic reactions to the West is Susan Ressler's Women Artists of the American West--Past and Present site, an online course and interdisciplinary resource at Purdue University.
T.V. Reed's "Women & The West" section from his American West : Multicultural Perspectives
Fort Worth's National Cowgirl Hall of Fame
CLNet's Chicana Studies Homepage
UCLA's Latina Web
Susan Merritt's Women in Canadian History.
Oregon State University's On-Line Exhibit about Oregon women in the Women's Land Army.
Chicana/Chicano Art, at Stanford University.
Susana Gallardos's Chicana Feminism page and her Chicanas Chingonas page.
South Asian Women's Net
Women of the West Museum feature.
"Her Daily Concern": Women's Health Issues in 19th-Century Indiana.
Edith Frost's Cowgal's Home on the Web.

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