GEO 102/103 Earth Systems History

Pathways designation: Scientific World/College Option lab (STEM)

Field work
Field trip to Poricy Park, NJ to collect fossils.

Course Description

GEO 102 Lecture
3 hours; 3 credits
Geologic history of the Earth. Develop an understanding of Earth systems and how they have functioned throughout geologic time to create the planet of today. Application of fundamental principles of stratigraphy to the reconstruction of paleogeographic, ancient sedimentary, and tectonic relationships. The evolution of life is traced from the fossil record. Participation in scheduled field trips is required.
(FSWR) (STEM) NOTE: This course has a material fee.
Prerequisite: ENG 111; (GEO 115 and GEO 116 or GEO 100 and GEO 101); MTH 123
Corequisite: GEO 103

GEO 103 Lab
2 laboratory hours; 1 credit
Classification and identification of major fossil groups. Interpretation of rock record with emphasis on stratigraphic correlation. Major geological features of the United States. (science) (STEM) NOTE: This course has a material fee.
Corequisite: GEO 102

Students who should take this class:

  • Considering a major in Earth and Environmental Science (this course is required)

  • Considering a minor in Geology (this course is required)

  • Planning to major in a STEM subject, e.g. mathematics, computer science, biology

In this class, students start by looking in more depth at what we can learn from ancient rocks and fossils. In particular, we explore sedimentary environments and how we can use them in conjunction with stratigraphy (order of events) to reconstruct Earth history. The course finishes with a tour through Geologic time, from the formation of the Earth to the present day.

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