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The Geology program is offered through the department of Engineering and Environmental Science at College of Staten Island. Beginning in Fall 2016, we are excited to offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Earth and Environmental Science, in addition to the existing Geology minor. We also offer a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Environmental Science.

About the Major

Geology is the study of the Earth and the processes by which it changes. Students who study geology can learn about and focus on a wide variety of specialties, such as:

  • Volcanology

  • Mineralogy

  • Petrology

  • Glaciology

  • Sedimentology

  • Geochemistry

  • Geophysics

  • Engineering geology

  • Environmental science

  • Paleontology

  • Structural geology

  • Geomorphology

Studying geology gives you the opportunity to hone skills in and outside the classroom - an opportunity rarely given by other fields of study. Lab work (rock identification, micrscope work, etc.) and field work (field trips, mapping, etc.) are key components to an education in geology. (diverse and naturey travel careers). Graduates with degrees/focuses in geology are employed in a diverse array of career fields, including the oil/gas industry, mining industry, engineering and environmental consulting firms, government agencies (e.g., USGS, BLM, NPS, et al.), and research/academia.

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