Using Telnet and the WWW to Search Library Catalogs Online

Library Catalogs via Telnet:

The University of Colorado Libraries: telnet to and follow the prompts. You may need to hit Enter to get the prompts to start up; for terminal type, you are probably either apple or vt100).
The University of California Library System (MELVYL): telnet to MELVYL.UCOP.EDU and follow the prompts (for terminal type, you are probably either apple or vt100).
The New York Public Library: telnet to NYPLGATE.NYPL.ORG and enter nypl at the login prompt.
Columbia University: telnet to and follow the pointers.
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL) (including access to the Library of Congress): telnet to and follow the prompts (for terminal type, you are probably either apple or vt100).

Library Catalogs via WWW:

The University of California's Library Science School provides Libweb, a listing of library servers on the WWW.
Professor Lavender's hometown library in Colorado provides the Jefferson County Library Explorer, a linksite to a variety of resources.
The Library of Congress Homepage is the starting place for the Library of Congress's collections, and contains links to:
The Library of Congress's Online catalog, and
The Library of Congress's Z39.50 Gateway to a large number of other online and WWW-searchable catalogs.
The Library of Congress's Experimental Search Engine
The American Library Association Homepage has lots of library stuff, including a very useful link to Library-Related Resources and other library online catalogs.
The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (commonly referred to as NUCMC, or "Nuk-muk") is now searchable online at The Library of Congress. This is an index of archival collections by topic, location, and personal name.

Library Homepages on the WWW:

CLIO: Columbia Libraries Information Online is a telnet- or WWW-searchable version of the Columbia University card catalog.
CARRIE: An Electronic Library is a full-text electronic library, with a reference department and the texts of many books which are now available via the WWW.
Documents Room: United States is a collection of speeches, treaties, and other primary documents of American political history.
Prototype Cornell Digital Library is, like CARRIE, a collection of online texts and journals, including the ability to see some volumes of journals via the WWW.
The Internet Public Library is a virtual recreation of wandering about in a public library, and includes lots of interesting things to explore, including MOOing.
The NCAR Library, the online library of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Prepared by Professor Catherine Lavender for courses in The Department of History, The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York.
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